About us

How We Began

Ajaxx63 is the brainchild of designer Bill Sherman.  Bill's done fashion time with the best--Polo Sport/Ralph Lauren, Vogue, Gap/Banana Republic, and Eddie Bauer.  Bound and gagged by a successful yet stifling career, he looked to New York's gay club and street scenes to blow off steam. Inspired more by the colorful and fashionable nightlife than the daily drudge, he escaped the rat race, and risked it all on a dream. He relocated to Seattle, "a great place to start a creative young business," says Bill Sherman, and Ajaxx63 was born in 1997. Ajaxx63 moved to Detroit in 2021.


We're talking more than just shirts here. It's memories in the making. I'm proud to be doing something that will be part of the gay community for years to come. Ajaxx63 has been worn out to so many aspects and activities of the world in which us gay guys live in. We are proud to be part of the good times, the celebration of being gay. Yes, sometimes, the world can be rough, discrimination sucks. But, we don't have to let that shit into our birthday parties, or nightclubs and vacations, times when people are letting loose and living it up with their buddies. So, looking back, I welcome the idea that somewhere someone might say, 'I remember when I met you...you had on that fabulous shirt.'" That makes us proud.

The Clothing

We treat T-shirts as fashion. We release our designs in "fashion seasons" and think of them as collections with themes and concepts. We make and sew many of our own shirts; we obsess over the fit and feel or our garments and hats. We dye our own color palettes and rework our finishing techniques to reflect our customers sense of style.  "Clever, sexy, and edgy. We're not pretentious, we make tee shirts for crying out loud...and, I love it." We love the design process of Ajaxx63. We explore all sides of gay life, what makes us tick, what makes us laugh, what makes you decide while shopping or out at a club to say, "I have to have that," "that is so me," "that is so cool," or "that fits so damn well."