Athletic fit:  Like to wear your shirts sexy and tight? Try Ajaxx63's own custom sewn athletic fit t-shirts. Designed with tight fitting banded sleeves and a slightly tapered athletic fit. The perfect t-shirt to show off those hard earned biceps and pecs.

Damn Daddy



Athletic Fit

Rough Trade

Fresh Meat


Easily Corrupted

American Flag

British flag

Top or Bottom Bunk

Crew Cut Wrestling

Chew Toy

Plow Boy

Bear Bait/Military Green

Bear Bait/White

Horny Bastard

Masc 4 Snacks

Buddy Action

Damn Boy

Athletic Fit Barefront

Same great fitting athletic fit shirt but now available without graphics.

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Significant Otter


Breeding Stock

Meat Loading Dock



Team Captain

Stiff Competition

Tight End

Currently Unavailable

Currently Unavailable