Production IssueMorningwood-Athletic Fit

Production IssueMorningwood-Athletic Fit

We had a printing issue with this design, the shirts were packed too quickly after printing and the gases from the ink didn't cure properly, causing a very faint ghosting effect.  Please see pics below.  In turn the negative of the graphic slightly transferred to the back of the shirt packed on top of it, in a slight purple haze.  We were trying to get these done before the covid shutdowns and rushed the job. (lessons learned)  but the shirt is still a great fit and a good deal!

Our famous morningwood graphic upated for 2017.  So now dudes, your hard morningwood dick is ready for 2017 too!  White silk-screened graphic on a morningwood blue, custom-sewn, athletic-fit shirt with banded sleeves for ajaxx63. Our shirt is softer and of higher quality than our competition and is nothing short of amazing. It hugs the biceps, won't lose its shape due to its stretch banded sleeve, and shows off what needs to be shown off in pure ajaxx63 style.

Price:  $5.95

Item:  PI Morningwood

Sizes:  S, M, L & XL

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash

Ghosting Effect on back of MorningWood Shirt